Introducing Şermin Ciddi: A Contemporary Ottoman Artist

Şermin Ciddi was born in İstanbul-Turkey. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in İstanbul, where she received her formative education in oil painting and watercolors. During her residence in England, she carried out research on Turkish carpet and kilim motifs in addition to applying these motifs to ceramics and wood ornaments. Since the 1990s, she has specialized in the Ottoman art of miniature painting and illumination, and was awarded a diploma at İstanbul University's A. Süheyl Ünver Atelier.

In tandem with her mentors Gülbün Mesara and the late Nusret Çolpan, Ciddi continues to teach within this highly specialized field of Turkish fine arts. Aside from her teaching, Ciddi exhibits her work in numerous sites and galleries in Turkey, hoping to attract younger generations to this field.